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My name is Summer Elizabeth-Ann. I was born and raised in Toronto, and spent a good deal of my young days in the woods of Northern Ontario. While still based in Toronto, nowadays I'm blessed enough to spend a good deal of my time in Nashville, Tennessee and I couldn't be happier for it!
Made to be a maker, I'm always working on something new. From carving wooden cups to leather craft to cooking with flowers, if it's creative I'm probably trying it. Whiskey Foxtrot was born from my desire to make beautiful, simple, and functional items that my brain dreams up and my hands create.

Everything you see here is inspired by road trips, adventure, pioneers, Americana, camp fires, hiking in the forest, woodworking, football, the north, the south, good people, and chicken & waffles.

This will be the official launch for Whiskey Foxtrot, so get your lunch money ready, because these leather mason jar sleeves are going to go fast!

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